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Watch Sabine Schmitz Destroy The Nürburgring While Narrating The Entire Thing

Many of us know Sabine Schmitz as the Queen of the Nürburgring, and she does nothing but back that name up each time she hops in a car. For that reason, it’s not much of a surprise when she tears up the track known for chewing cars up and spitting them out in a Porsche 991 GT3—but boy, is it fun to watch.


Among the things we learn during Schmitz’s spin around the track is that “you need a good bra in the carousel” and that strangely edited rap music probably isn’t the best mix when showing in-car footage on the Nürburgring. All things considered, Schmitz is fun to watch. The video is from September of 2015, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable or impressive:

This particular video reminds me a lot of riding along with Sebastian Vettel in a Ferrari F12erlinetta at a local track in Austin. It’s a given that top drivers can be comfortable making laps while also managing to continually talk through them, but the ease of conversation and narration is something that can make a person really appreciate how much skill a driver has.


On top of that, it’s a good preview of what Schmitz will hopefully be like on the new Top Gear. The show looks promising despite all of its struggles so far, with its trailer showing more entertainment potential than most of us likely could have expected from the reports surrounding it.

And if Schmitz gets her fair share of air time behind the wheel on the show, it looks like we’ll have even more to look forward to.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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She is just so fun to watch. Her joy is contagious.