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The internet is arguably a place where weird things go to multiply, and Reddit is the sticky epicenter of all that untamed cringe. Here’s what happens when a subreddit is unleashed on my cheaply bought Aston Martin V8 Vantage for Regular Car Reviews.


When I made the choice to buy Doug DeMuro’s Aston Martin V8 Vantage and make it my own, I figured that I would follow in Doug’s footsteps, in that I’d immediately void the warranty by introducing my own hacks and actually drive the thing past 35% throttle, or what DeMuro would likely consider “brisk.”


However, as I wrote about the car, I quickly became aware that the car, its history, and the aura surrounding the ownership experience of a modern-yet-old-school exotic car were all things that warranted strong opinions from all walks of life, both basement dwelling and not.

That’s when I elected to have Mr. Regular from the popular YouTube channel Regular Car Reviews have a go in my car, with the pro tip that even though he already reviewed an Aston Martin Vantage, the SportShift convertible that he originally drove was, technically speaking, an enormous rolling turd.

He apparently took this to mean that since the car only varied slightly on transmission and roof composition to one he already drove, he had already said everything he needed to say on the subject and handed the reigns over to his subreddit for a review consisting of nothing but comments on the car, and its owner.

Being internet famous is a gift and a curse, but I must remember to only use these newfound powers for good. Now, please excuse me while I sob into a pillow.

Tavarish writes and makes videos about fixing and modifying cars on the internet. Sometimes they actually run.

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