Last week, a gunman who tried to get onto an Army base led Missouri police on a high-speed chase down an interstate while shooting an AK-47 wildly at pursuing cruisers. Here's the view from inside the closest police car.


Cody Willcoxson was stopped on Thursday attempting to enter Fort Leonard Wood; after military police attempted to detain him, Wilcoxson fled in his Dodge Magnum wagon. The video above is taken from the dash of a St. Robert, Mo., police cruiser driven by deputy Trenton Herr, picking up just before Wilcoxson hits I-44.

From there to Rolla, Mo., — a 25-mile stretch of rural interstate — Wilcoxson sped from police at speeds hitting 120 mph. About 2:40 into this video, Herr reports the first shots fired from Wilcoxson's Magnum; later into the chase, Wilcoxson starts spraying bullets from his sunroof and the Magnum's back hatch. The shots disabled the cruiser of St. Robert's police chief, but Herr is able to keep up the pursuit while weaving around traffic.


Only after getting into Rolla and running over a stop strip does the chase end with Wilcoxson hitting another vehicle, then a barricade. Wilcoxson fled onto the campus of Missouri University of Science and Technology. SWAT officers pursued Wilcoxson across campus, where he later carjacked another vehicle and attempted to flee before finally being apprehended four hours after the hunt began.

Police estimate Wilcoxson fired more than 80 rounds during the pursuit, and reloaded while behind the wheel. Amazingly, no one — the police, bystanders or Wilcoxson himself — was injured in the chase.

What started the spree isn't clear, but police now say Wilcoxson wasn't trying to get onto the Army base —he just took a wrong turn into the base's entrance.

(If you're lazy, it starts getting crazy around the 15:00 minute mark)

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