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Ben Westwood, 33, had already robbed 16 different businesses across the U.K. by the time he led police on a 65-mile chase that reached speeds of up to 180 mph.


When the gang he led knocked over a gas station, Westwood took off in a stolen Audi RS5, outrunning the police helicopter at times as he sped along the M6 freeway.


The BBC reported that Westwood's high speed run in the modified $135,000 sports car may have secured his spot as the fastest driver ever caught in the U.K. But that, along with being the leader of a band of robbers, landed him in jail for nine years.

Following Chrysler's Breaking Bad initiative, Audi might consider using this bit of unintentional publicity to tout how great their cars are. "The RS5 is so fast, you can outrun a police helicopter!" Or something like that.

Only you shouldn't try to outrun a police chopper. Ever.

(Hat tip to Chris!)

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