Yesterday, the DeltaWing was flipped off the track by a Porsche during ALMS testing at Road Atlanta. Now we have the onboard video, and it's kind of hilarious.

Driver Gunnar Jeanette explained that the Green Hornet Racing Porsche driver ahead just didn't see the DeltaWing pulling ahead of him. The Porsche moved right over into the low, black car. Given that the DeltaWing is basically shaped like a tricycle, it flipped over, though Gunnar was okay.

Nissan has titled the video "Attacked in Atlanta," and there's a lot of truth to that — other drivers are not taking good enough care to keep an eye out for the radical DeltaWing.

It's like the Rodney Dangerfield of race cars.

That said, the DeltaWing is apparently quite hard for other drivers to see. The front is narrower than the rear, and both this Porsche GTC driver and the driver of the Toyota prototype at Le Mans moved into its unexpectedly wider rear. It doesn't help that the car is painted all black.


We would recommend that Highcroft Racing chrome the front of the car, give it curb feelers on the fenders, and polish the wheels. Give it a candy red paint job. Basically, the more it looks like a lowrider Cadillac, the better.

These pictures of the car getting rebuilt in the Highcroft Racing garage show the team is no slouch. They have been working furiously to get the car back on track. Hopefully we'll see it in action today.



Photo Credit: Trevor Andrusko/Track 9