Watch Michael Schumacher Crash Out At The Singapore Grand Prix

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The 2012 Singapore Grand Prix is still ongoing as of this writing, but it looks like it's been a rough race for a couple of drivers, most notably Michael Schumacher, who crashed out after colliding with another car in the 39th lap.

Schumacher apparently crashed into the back of Toro Rosso driver Jean-Eric Vergne. According to this report in The Telegraph , both drivers were unharmed and shook hands before leaving the track, but they're both out of the race for good.

The Telegraph reports the Mercedes driver "locked up and the safest thing he could do was in fact to make contact as opposed to swerving to avoid given the amount of oncoming traffic."


Says Schumacher in the newspaper's report: "First of all I broke a little earlier than normal but the car wouldn't decelerate. I went straight on the brakes then hard and locked up everything. The accident at that moment was not avoidable. I feel sorry for Jean Eric and for the team but we need to find out what happened."

Schumacher hasn't had much luck in Singapore as of late, it seems. At the same race last year, the seven-time world champion was forced to retire after touching the back of Sergio Perez's car and then crashing into a barrier.

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