Watch Me Teach Trucks And Off-Road Techniques In This SnowRunner Playthrough

I’ve been playing with the off-road sim SnowRunner on the Twitch platform lately in an effort to access what I miss most about the world we’re all quarantined from: Adventure driving and socializing. Here’s a highlight cut of my first broadcast, which gives you a pretty good primer on the game and some of the trucks in it.


I thought regular Jalopnik readers might appreciate my best Doug DeMurian “THIS...” but otherwise I hope folks find my presentation at least unique and somewhat interesting. (Though I am always happy to field constructive compliments!)

The tie was for style. It’s hip to be square. (People keep asking me about that.)


The video you’re looking at here is about 15 minutes, which has been chipped out of a two-hour video that was broadcast live a couple of weeks ago. In other words, I drove and yapped and talked to a few commenters in realtime for two hours. (In the unlikely event that you want to watch that broadcast in its entirety, I did archive it on YouTube since Twitch only stores videos for a couple of weeks.)

But if you’re into the live and interactive aspects of Twitch, I’m going to try and do a recurring broadcast to talk trucks, off-road driving, overlanding, hauling, and whatever else might come up in the chat for a little while to see if it’s something people might want to tune in to on a regular basis. Let’s say, Tuesdays, 4 to 5ish p.m. pacific time?

Shoot, that’s today! So I guess later you can find me on Twitch with the same handle as my Insta talking trucks and getting stuck on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. pacific/7 p.m. eastern until you can’t. I won’t talk about the mechanics of the game itself quite as much, but I’ll explain what’s happening and talk to whoever wants to hang in the chat. Basically: We’ll take a mission (or two, if there’s time), set up some vehicles for it, and see how we get on. Just like truckin’ in real life! Kind of.

Meanwhile, if you do want to get a better understanding of how the game works, check out Jalopnik’s SnowRunner review from April!

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I wish they had a demo of their games to try. I like cars and puzzles to solve but this could fall on either side of the fence of being really fun or really boring.  Personally I’m not willing to drop the sixty+ bucks on the chance.  But I would if I could go on test drive.