Watch Me Kick Some Ass At The Hardest Car Trivia Book Ever

Hot damn, everyone, it’s time again to take out those brains and kick the shit out of them behind a dumpster with the hardest car trivia book known to humankind, Mitch Frumkin’s The Great Auto Trivia Book. Last time, I got to quiz Raph. Now it’s my turn, and I’m happy to say that I think I kicked some car-trivia ass.


Of course, I should qualify that a bit because I admittedly got to answer questions that were so in my wheelhouse I think I woke up this morning spooning them. They were questions about specific Volkswagen Beetle features and the years they either came and went, which is precisely the kind of shit I was committing to memory from the time I was, like, 8 years old.

This time our patent-pending-pending-someone-attempting-to-patent-it Book-O-Vision head mounted camera system transferred from my head to Raph’s (making my hair look, somehow, even worse) so be sure to enjoy this exclusive bit of Jalopnik technology.


There’s also a great head-to-head quiz about opera windows!

So, watch the video! Thrill to car trivia excitement! Life is for the living!

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Jason you’re a BEAST.