Marc Marquez is a mutant child who is good at everything and Joan Barreda is a Dakar stage winner and off-road bad ass. Honda had the wisdom to shoot a video or three of these two giving the upcoming Africa Twin the business.

Honda released this series of three videos, most of which we’ve already seen from the trailers already released on the Africa Twin. The first is probably the best, with Marquez and Barreda riding more and talking less.

The second features some footage of Marc Marquez discussing what it’s like to ride the Africa Twin. Given that he and Barreda are contractually obligated to think Hondas are the best bikes on earth, it’s no surprise he has great things to say. However, I do believe he’s being earnest when he says the AT is enjoyable to ride because, when you’re Marc Marquez, everything is enjoyable to ride.

Joan “Bang Bang” Barreda is on the Honda HRC Rally team, which means he’s a bad ass motherfucker. He won the tenth stage in the Dakar rally. The first, third, and fourth stage of the Pharaons rally. Then he won the Spanish Baja. Unfortunately he doesn’t have anything helpful to say either.


Ok, so the interviews kind of sucked. But, BUT - the Africa Twin is, or at least could be awesome and is almost here. I can’t give the specifics yet, but I’ll be riding the Africa Twin before the end of the year and will try to bring back something a little more helpful.

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