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Watch Lizzy Musi's Scary Drag Car Crash Take Out The Camera

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Watch Lizzy Musi (who I'm not afraid to say I have a humongous crush on), the daughter of Pat Musi, veteran NHRA Pro Stock, IHRA Pro Mod, and street car championship racer, as she goes airborne and take out a camera in the process as she hits the wall.

It's the 21-year-old Musi's first year racing, and already she's off to a fairly impressive start for a n00b drag racer, dropping a 4.34-second 170 MPH 1/8 mile run Friday at Bristol Dragway.


Here's what happened in the third qualifying session of Summit Racing Top Sportsman at the 2012 ADRL Spring Drags III at Bristol Dragway, according to Kenny Hawkins over at TriCities:

During the third round of qualifying, the car started to get loose, turning sideways — with the front end of the car crashing into the left wall.

Then air got underneath the car and turned it around, causing it to topple over the left wall and into the grass at around the quarter-mile mark on the track.


Thankfully, for those of us who felt their hearts skip a beat at this crash (I mean, just look at her over yonder), Musi was able to get out of the car under her own power.

Thankfully, she suffered no serious injuries. (Hat tip to JRX!)