Watch Kim Dotcom Race An F1 Driver In Video 'Seized By The FBI'

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Before Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom came under pressure from the feds he shot this video of himself and partner Finn Batato racing Germany's famed Nürburgring racing circuit in three of his crazy cars with F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen. According to Dotcom the final edit was "seized by the FBI."


This edit looks pretty good to us.

You'll remember Kim Schmitz — a.k.a. Kim Dotcom — had his company Megaupload seized by the Feds and all his cars impounded over various piracy claims. He's since been released from jail but was banned from the Internet.

That didn't stop someone from uploading (on the MrKimDotcom YouTube account) this video of Kim, Batato and a relaxed Kimi crossing the finish line of the Nürburgring at just a hair under the eight-minute mark in heavily modified (see those NOS tanks back there?) Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK DTM supercars.

The video makes some big claims about the shoot:

A fun day on the most famous race track in the world. This video shows a full lap around the ring.

The production involved 30 cameras, 100+ crew, 2 helicopters, 2 camera cars and one fixed wing aircraft.

The song "Take me away" was produced by Kim Dotcom and Printz Board.

P.S. The final edit was seized by the FBI during the Megaupload raid.
It will be uploaded as soon as it returns (if ever).
The current version has a few problems and no color correction. Sorry.

Thank you Kimi Raikkonen.
You are the best driver in the world and I am your biggest fan.


Most drivers might bristle at being praised by such an infamous figure, but we're guessing Kimi loves it.

(Hat tip to Auto123!)


Fred Smith

don't ruin nice cars, mr. obese internet piracy mogul I've never heard of. please stop throwing "NOS" on worthwhile cars. I know it's good for cheap horsepower, but there's a reason that no respectable motorsport besides grassroots drag racing uses it.