Watch Ken Block Hoon A Ford Focus RS Prototype Through Its Own Factory

Before new cars are released, manufacturers often give prototypes to their established factory drivers, if for nothing more than a little fine-tuning. In Gymkhana master Ken Block's case, Ford gave him a brand new 2016 Ford Focus RS prototype, just so he could drive it like a nut through the company's own factory.


Of course, the new Focus RS doesn't have nearly the same amount of power or slidey doo-dads as his 845 HP Hoonicorn, but I've gotta say that it'd still be pretty hard to go wrong with the RS' 320 horses and a dash of all-wheel-drive. And Block, accordingly proves that it can do donuts and seemingly effortless slides with the best of them.


Ken Blockforth VII hasn't made any intimations yet as to what he'll be revving the nuts off of in Gymkhana 8, but I'm not sure I'd be taking any bets at this point.

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Raphael Orlove

aw hell yeah