In honor of IndyCar’s impending return to Road America for 2016, here’s driver James Hinchcliffe from his Atlantic Championship Series days walking around the paddock with a Road America specialty: a bratwurst. We know Simona de Silvestro can drive, but what does she think of the brats?

Road America isn’t just a legendary circuit, but it’s got some legendary track food as well. Between the bratwursts, “egger” breakfast sandwiches and deep-fried cheese curds, it’s the circuit most likely to make you fat. Everything is delicious.


A few years ago, Hinchcliffe assumed many of the international competitors in Atlantics hadn’t ever tried a bratwurst. That is a problem that needed to be fixed, so he got a few brats and set out to introduce everyone to the most delicious race track tube-meat in existence.

Hinchcliffe and de Silvestro will likely be back in 2016 for IndyCar, plus there’s a whole host of drivers, crew members and even a journalist and the Atlantics race director who eat Hinchcliffe’s brat in this video. Actor and driver Frankie Muniz even participated in the mayhem, even if he was squeamish about eating from the end de Silvestro bit off.


Surprise, surprise—most people think the bratwurst is pretty good. Former CART driver Tõnis Kasemets is right, though: it’s best with more sauerkraut.

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