Watch In Horror As This Guy Totally Fucks Up Loading A 1965 Ford Mustang Into A Trailer

After watching this Mustang freak out at the last second while being driven into a trailer, like a dog violently refusing to go into the bathtub, I’d like to officially declare that Mustangs are cursed.

In the long tradition of Mustangs going wildly out of control on video, this one just might blow my mind the hardest. All the guy has to do is gently drive the car into the trailer, and yet!

What the hell was that? What happened? Maybe it’s completely the driver’s fault. This seems like a setup where he’s probably loaded cars onto this trailer hundreds of times, likely without incident. But maybe, under pressure from a crowd and a camera, and a very nice, possibly modified 1965 Mustang, he lost his nerve and traction along with it.


Or maybe Mustangs are just cursed. Beware.

H/t to Mike D.!


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