Watch In Horror as A Truck Drives Along Dragging a Broken Axle

I know it’s just a truck, but this actually looks sort of painful. This video was taken by Redditor quintiliousrex and posted to the Colorado Springs reddit. It shows, as you can see, someone driving a Dodge Ram truck, dragging their whole rear axle and wheel. I suppose the nice thing about a 4x4 truck is you can rely on the front wheels to drag your broken axles around?

The original poster also took a picture of the truck at a red light before shooting the video of it on the road, which gives an even better look at the misery:


Oh boy. The original poster doesn’t know the full story behind what happened, but speculates that maybe the recent snow played a factor in the car getting sideswiped, or perhaps clipping a curb at speed.

There’s no real noticeable body damage, so I’m more inclined to think the driver ran over...something that didn’t want to let go of that wheel. As to why the driver is still driving around like this, I have no idea. I can’t imagine they don’t notice that something is up with the car? I mean, they don’t even have their hazard lights on, the universal symbol of acknowledging that you know your shit is deeply fucked.


Good luck with that, I guess?

(Thanks to The Scorpion King!)

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