Watch How Terrifying It Is To Land A Plane With No Training

You’re on a plane, the pilots are incapacitated, and you’ve got to land without having any clue what you’re doing. This pilot training video shows just how stressful of a time you’re going to have.


BAA Training Aviation Academy posted a video of a new student put in that exact situation in one of their flight simulators with only the guidance of air traffic control to help her land the plane. She doesn’t know her way around the cockpit yet, and neither would you. So could you do it?

Despite having to decipher all of the pilot jargon and trying to locate which specific “knob on the control panel” you’re supposed to touch, in the end it actually seems pretty simple given the guidance of air traffic control.


I’d still be shitting myself the entire time, though.

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Declan Hackett

You never mentioned whether she’d had the fish too!