Watch How Detailing Transforms a Car Into Its Most Perfect Self

Today is a day that lingers, a day where time drags and patience ceases to exist. I don’t know about you, but my favorite remedy to that besides spelling out dirty words on the Scrabble board that’s always sitting in my apartment lobby is the sweet, calming beauty of watching someone detail a car. It’s like ASMR for your eyes.


This beautiful video comes from Car Cleaning Guru, who decides to spend his Saturday cleaning up his neighbor’s company car that had collected the usual grit and grime of winter wear. Why the neighbor or the company couldn’t clean the car themselves is a bit of a mystery, but sometimes the detailing is for the detailer, not the detailee.

Car Cleaning Guru’s video just makes you feel at peace. It’s a little shot of warmth and motivation in the form of power washing brake dust off wheels and a contact wash with a nice, foamy scrub.

Detailing is, probably one of the most satisfyingly pure things a human can do. It’s like painting, but for those of us who have so little artistic skill that we suck it out of others like a black hole. All those soft brushes and squishy sponges bring back the best part of art class as a kid, but without all the pressure to dream up something with your own brain. The car is your canvas, and your job is to erase all the things marring it so that you end up with a nice blank portrait of all your hard work.

And there’s also the holier-than-thou attitude you are legally required to adopt now that your car is cleaner than those of all the other schmucks on the road. Everything about the process: satisfying.

May the rest of your Wednesday be as soul-satisfying as a good detail job.

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I looked around to see if it was April 1 .....

Detailing cars is the most soul sucking profession on the planet, or close to it. I’ve worked for franchised car dealers most of my life, and getting a trade detailed for retail display is an expensive process, for good reason.

If you mean it’s satisfying to detail your car, then ok.

But fully detailing someone else’s grime and neglect from any car absolutely sucks.

Auto detailing is expensive, and is a lucrative business for the same reason.

It’s a horrible pain in the ass.