Stop motion artist PES just released Paper, a short film turned ad depicting just some of the iconic vehicles throughout Honda’s history. How many of the motorcycles, cars, boats, and planes can you name?

As the resident motorcycle guy, I’ll call out the Model D, RC160, a VFR800, and a trio of CR two strokes. I’ll let you car folk hammer out the rest.


The coolest part about the film is how it was made. It was created from thousands of individual drawings, done by dozens of illustrators and animators over a four month period. Each of the drawings were done by hand and then shot with a camera.

This behind the scenes video does a great job at showing the incredible level of effort that went into even the tiniest of details to create the film. Watching the guys try and tape down each of the drawings and trying to practice flipping them in a perfect sequence really illustrates just what a task this all was.

So Jalops, let’s here it. How many vehicles can you name?

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