Watch Former NASCAR Driver Tyler Walker Lead Police On High-Speed Chase

According to Autoweek, former NASCAR driver Tyler Walker finally pleaded guilty today to the two felonies and three misdemeanors from a high-speed chase that led cops from outside Las Vegas into Utah. He had postponed this court date for nearly two years.


Above is the in-car footage from the Utah Highway Patrol who finally arrested Walker, complete with all the questioning afterwards.


Walker struggled to keep his addictions under control throughout his NASCAR and World of Outlaws career. Per the video's description:

On Jan. 30, 2013, Former NASCAR driver Tyler Walker led police from three states on a high-speed chase before being stopped by oncoming traffic as he tried to exit the highway by going the wrong way on an entrance ramp. After his arrest, police found a "clear pipe with a bulb end, white crystal substance on the bulb end," "three plastic containers with hashish n them," "multiple plastic containers of marijuana," and an open bottle of vodka. Walker was charged with evading, possession of amphetamines, marijuana and narcotic equipment, driving under the influence of drugs, open container/drinking in a public place and a liquor license violation. He has since plead not guilty to all charges. This video was taken from footage supplied by the Utah Highway Patrol. It shows just about 10 minutes, edited down from over an hour and a half of video.

Walker was so out of it that he thought the officers were escorting him and his wife, Raelle Hann McDonald, to her relatives in Colorado.

He appeared in court today a changed man, clean shaven, in a neat dark suit and without the dreads shown in this arrest video.


Walker told The St. George Daily Spectrum:

It's a big difference, and I feel a lot better, and I'm in a lot better place. I just want to thank everybody who helped me out … and also apologize to … everybody who was on the road. And just let everybody know I'm doing everything I can to … be healthy so this never happens again.


Sentencing is scheduled for February 23.

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