Watch The Adorable Rescue Of This Duck Family Stuck In A Drain

Somewhere in Slovakia a storm drain was... chirping. Authorities showed up to investigate, found a female mallard pacing around it, put two-and-two together, and commenced operation Pull Some Dumb Ducks Out Of The Drain. Don’t worry, it works out and this video will cheer you up.


Slovakian site Noviny says six ducklings were found swimming around the sewer by firefighters who hand-extracted the stained yellow puffballs. The ducks didn’t seem to fazed... I guess they’re instinctive swimmers, after all.

After the rescue, the family of animals was put in a bag and dumped in a river. I mean transported in a bag and then released near a river, which looks like a much more duck-friendly habitat than the highway.

Duck rescue has been tied in with some high drama here on Jalopnik, so it’s nice to see somebody figured out how to save the birds without wreaking havoc on the highway. Also, this is just plain. See?! The world’s not so bad!


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