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Photo credit: AP Images

Former F1 driver and Sky Sports commentator Johnny Herbert has been quite vocal lately about McLaren’s driver lineup, suggesting that driver Fernando Alonso may want to consider retirement. So, Alonso butted into one of Herbert’s broadcasts from the Bahrain Grand Prix paddock and shut him down.

Alonso was not cleared by doctors to participate in the Bahrain Grand Prix following a high-flying accident at the season opener. Herbert said on-air that perhaps the 34-year-old two-time F1 world champion should use the opportunity to retire. As quoted by

We don’t see that passion from him to want to drive and push himself to the limit when he is in an F1 car. The things he says, the things that have happened on track, his qualifying pace, and that error in Australia, to me they say it is time for him to hang up his helmet.


Because Herbert was speaking on television and not into a vacuum when he said that, Alonso had this to say when he saw the Sky commentary duo filming in Bahrain:

I will not retire. No, I’m world champion.

You ended up as a commentator because you’re not world champion.


According to, Herbert won only three grands prix in his twelve-year F1 career. However, if Johnny hadn’t been at a loss for words, perhaps he could have fired back with, “Yeah, well, let’s talk when you win Le Mans.”

Alonso is currently training in hopes of making his return at the Chinese Grand Prix on April 17, per the BBC. We think that’s what he was trying to say in this highly confusing emoji tweet, anyway:


Either that or it was a much harder hit than 46G. Get better soon, Fernando!


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