Watch F1 Legend Michael Schumacher's Incredible First Lap At The Spanish Grand Prix

Screencap via Formula One
Screencap via Formula One

Michael Schumacher is now a Formula One legend, having smashed numerous records for wins, championships and pole positions. But back in 1991, he was still just a relatively new but impressive driver. It was laps like this opening lap at the Spanish Grand Prix that help catapult Schumacher on to greatness.


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The 1991 Spanish Grand Prix was Schumacher’s fourth race ever in Formula One. The Circuit de Catalunya was also new for that year, making it all that impressive that Schumi was able to qualify and keep up with the front of the pack.

Some would be intimidated by starting in fifth position behind the likes of established superstars like Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell. Not so with Schumi. Conditions were moist but drying for this opening lap, and Schumacher took advantage of the slippery pavement to battle with the front of the field.

Formula One returns to Catalunya this week, so enjoy this moment in F1 history.

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