Two weeks after seeing Volkswagen's adorable teaser for their Super Bowl ad featuring dogs barking the Imperial March from Star Wars, here now is the automaker's amazing extended-length Super Bowl commercial. It's got everything you'd ever want from a big game ad — a dog and Darth Vader.


The ad starts with a dog trying to buff up in order to be able to chase the new Volkswagen Beetle and ends in the Mos Eisley Cantina with BoShek, Dr. Evazan (aka pig-nose) and Ponda Baba (the guy who looks like a walrus with balls for a chin, aka he-with-an-arm-severed-by-a-light-saber) watching the ad, and BoShek saying "I kinda miss that Vader kid."


Evazan, as always, puts his foot in his mouth saying "The dog's better" and then "The dog is funnier than the Vader kid!"

And that's when Darth Vader takes Evazan in a force choke hold.


Now, we just have to hope that this extended-length version is the one that makes it into the game — because the dog running after the Beetle on its own, while cute, just doesn't quite do it for us.

And if you missed the original teaser ad, you'll want to check it out here. Also, see the rest of the automaker big game day ads at our Super Bowl Ad Watch tag page.

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