Watch Cops Punch A Drunk Lamborghini Driver In The Head

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There's nothing like a little police brutality — real or perceived — to ignite controversy. Obviously there's no call for police striking anyone prone on the road, but the question it raises is, who was the bigger douche? The cop who punched a prone man in the face or the drunk guy tearing around Milwaukee in his friend's black Lamborghini?

Police said Jeffrey Strasser, who has been arrested for DUI once before, was resisting arrest when an officer slugged him in the head a couple of times.

According to a police statement, "Strasser was taken to the ground as officers removed him [from the vehicle]. One officer delivered focused strikes to gain compliance." That's police speak for, "He punched a prone man right in the face to get him to quit squirming." It's not the first time that's ever happened, although Strasser was apparently lucky enough not to get tazed repeatedly.

Strasser — whose father said is a hardworking man who goes to church on Sundays — was reportedly driving in a reckless manner around a busy commercial area at night. His father told WISN 12 News that he had been celebrating a friend's birthday.

Police claim that Strasser's blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit 90 minutes after his arrest, the car's lights weren't on, and he ran a stop sign, narrowly missed hitting several pedestrians. According to a police spokesperson, officers stopped him, and ordered him to get out of the car.

What happened after that is mostly a his word against mine scenario, but the video zooms in on Strasser lying face down next to the car, a police officer firmly planted on his back. The cop tells him to stop resisting before raising his fist high in the air, twice, to pummel Strasser in the head with the side of a closed fist.

The Milwaukee Police Department found no wrongdoing on the part of its officer, who is out on the streets now looking for crimes to solve. The Department announced plans to press charges against Strasser for resisting arrest and second offense DUI.

Strasser told TMJ4 last week that when he stopped, police didn't say anything, they just tore him from the car and flung him to the ground.

"I know what happened is not right, but... that's not how you make an arrest, by kicking the (expletive) out of somebody like that," he told TMJ4.