Watch Cars Get Tossed Around By A Maryland Tornado

Photo: Hopper’s Tap House/Facebook (screengrab)

An EF-1 tornado touched down in Salisbury, Maryland on Monday, destroying trees, collapsing a building, and even tossing cars onto their roofs. Here’s a look at some of the carnage.

The wind gusts in Salisbury on Monday reached up to 105 mph, the National Weather Service says, reaching peak intensity near Salisbury University. The weather service describes the damage, saying:

The tornado struck a strip mall along highway 13 tossing vehicles around in the parking lot and causing minor damage nearby buildings. A concrete building in the area collapsed due two bay doors on the building being open. Wind entered the structure causing it to collapse.


As for the “tossing vehicles” part of the National Weather Service’s report, here’s a look at that in real time from the security cameras of a Salisbury brewery pub Hopper’s Tap House. This first video shows what looks like either a Nissan Sentra or Versa flipping over and coming to a rest on its driver’s side:

In the pub’s second video, you’ll see on the top right of the screen the Tornado tossing around the lovable, Panther-platform-having Ford Crown Victoria:

And if you’re mentally strong enough to handle seeing a damaged Crown Vic, you can watch WBOC News up-close glimpse of the aftermath of that poor, poor body-on-frame land yacht’s rollover. Here’s a screenshot (this is where cover your childrens’ eyes):

Photo: WBOC (screengrab)

That Crown Vic probably served a police force loyally for over a decade, and now it could be ruined because of a little tiny EF-1 storm. I guess even the toughest have their weaknesses.

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