Watch BJ Baldwin's 850 Horsepower Trophy Truck Tear Through Cuba Like A Madman

GIF via Toyo Tires

There’s just something about watching a trophy truck in action that just makes you want to run over everything. Curbs. Trees. Fire. Jumps. Stairs. Seriously, everything. Here’s BJ Baldwin going wherever he pleases because he can through the streets of Havana, Cuba, in Recoil 4.

The Recoil series is very much Gymkhana for truck nuts, and it’s delightful. Here we see off-road racer BJ Baldwin late for for a party, which is an excellent excuse for going out for a rip.


Needless to say, Baldwin doesn’t take the most direct route to his destination, but who wouldn’t want to take a little extra time when your truck can just jump over whole flights of stairs? Included in the hoon-reel is the longest ever residential jump ever landed by a trophy truck at 191 feet.

191 feet. Holy crap.

I’ve got to get behind the wheel of one of these somehow.

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