Watch As Inaugural Formula E Race Ends In Absolutely Monster Crash

Today marked the beginning of the all-electric open-wheel racing series, Formula E, and holy crap did it get off with a bang. Though that banging just may have been the sound of Nick Heidfeld's car smacking a curb, a barrier, and flipping onto its roof in a whole bunch of pieces.

Heidfeld emerged unscathed after the crash, which was caused by a collision with Alain Prost's kid, Nicholas, and immediately ran over NASCAR-style to start yelling at him.

With both Heidfeld and Prost knocked out (SPOILER ALERT) Lucas di Grassi was able to cruise through for the win.


If every Formula E race ends like this – or rather, if every race from now on must end with the winner attempting to do a barrel roll across the finish line – we might have the best racing series yet on our hands.

Formula E rulemakers, this might be the best idea for the sport yet.

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