Watch Another Unbelievable SpaceX Landing From The Rocket Itself

SpaceX has done it again. For the third time in a row, the Falcon 9 rocket has delivered its payload in the upper atmosphere and returned to earth with a successful vertical propulsion landing on the drone ship Of Course I Still Love You. This time SpaceX released the best angle yet of the landing—from the rocket itself all the way from space.

As Gizmodo explained on Thursday (when the launch was originally scheduled), this rocket landing on the drone ship was going to be a little more complicated than the previous two successful attempts. But the rocket landed on target and managed to stick its landing.


Check out a sped-up time-lapse from a camera on-board the Falcon 9 rocket itself as it falls from the upper atmosphere back to earth, letting you get a brief glimpse of the Of Course I Still Love You, one of two semi-autonomous drone ships SpaceX uses for rocket landings, before making its third-consecutive landing.

Living in the future is amazing. Do it again! Do it again!

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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The longer I watch this SpaceX thing unfold, the more I believe that Elon Musk might just not be crazy. If this technology can be done reliably, it can be scaled up immensely - as in, scaled up to 4,000+ tonne multi-core rockets, with completely reusable first stages. Depending on design and the addition of a little heat shielding, even the second stage could be largely reusable, although that poses significantly greater engineering challenges.

That is massive. It basically means that SpaceX would have achieved exactly what the Shuttle tried and failed to be - easy, reusable orbital transport. It would revolutionise mankind and allow us to commence more or less immediate colonisation of the inner solar system.