Watch An Icy 20-Car Pileup As It Happens

One might think that residents of Colorado Springs, Colo., might be among the most experienced in the country when it comes to winter weather driving. This video of a 20-car pileup Thursday afternoon as it happened suggests otherwise.


We've seen it before: Even a small amount of ice on a slight hill can make a road impassable by any vehicle, even with the best four-wheel-drive setup. What's impressive here are the sheer numbers of drivers who keep trying despite the crinkled machinery and gawkers on the side of the road, including the massive Ford Super Duty pickup at about six minutes in. Sorry, Colorado Springs insurance adjusters, your New Year's holiday just got cancelled. (H/T to Tyler!) [Ian Smith via Facebook]


In other news, Americans continue to believe that purchased capability = actual ability.

4x4 doesn't mean traction. It means you can achieve a bit more with the available grip, since all four corners are contributing to the motive effort. AWD, more of the same.

In other other news, Americans are rediscovering Newton's First Law. Film all day, all over Youtube.

In other, other other news, retailers report that sales of snow chains, snow tires and ice studs remain inexplicably flat.