Watch An Audi R18 Run Out Of Fuel At Just The Right Time

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No. 7 Audi R18 driver Marcel Fässler was left in a dead car on the pit lane during today’s 6 Hours of Mexico race.

Fortunately, the car sputtered out on its last fumes right as he came into pit lane, where it’s legal for the Audi’s crew members to push him in. Any earlier and the hyper-organized German squad may have had to have a tow of shame back in.

Now that’s just pure luck. Maybe that’s not as lucky as running out right as you coast into your pit stall, but pretty lucky nonetheless.

Fässler apparently received a warning about fuel from the car itself while he was out, too. He asked “Did you get the message about the fuel?” as he was being pushed in, per’s live-blog. I think they picked up on the issue then, thanks!


The No. 7 has run without issue ever since getting filled back up with diesel. Fässler’s race engineer confirmed that the car was just out of fuel when it stopped working, and nothing more.


After the track became moist and the field devolved into delightful rain chaos, the No. 7 briefly led the race, and now sits in second place behind the No. 1 Porsche 919. Its unlucky sister No. 8 car, however, had some trouble staying on track due to a brake issue and lost a substantial amount of time in the garage for repairs after tagging the wall.