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Watch an angry Nascar driver crash five times in one race

Illustration for article titled Watch an angry Nascar driver crash five times in one race

Brian Vickers took Nascar back to its rough-and-tumble short track days this past weekend at Martinsville, VA. It didn't look like the other drivers were too happy about it as he crashed out five times.


Photo Credit: John Harrelson/Getty Images

5.) Versus Jamie McMurray

What the hell happened: This kind of racing wouldn't work at one of stock cars' faster ovals, but at the short Virginia track, Vickers was spinning left and right (okay, maybe only left) and getting away with it for the most part. Even as the other drivers (here Jamie McMurray) tried to exact some revenge with their cars, Vickers just soldiered on.

4.) Versus Matt Kenseth

What the hell happened: Somehow Brian "Energizer Bunny" Vickers' race didn't end here, when he got an assful of Matt Kenseth's car. What Kenseth didn't quite realize is that the destruction was far from over.

3.) Versus Juan Pablo Montoya

What the hell happened: Vickers was shooting for an inside line that, in retrospect, wasn't really there, and got himself spun around wholly blocking the turn. Despite coming together at highway speeds, the two cars plowed on for more demolition derby action.

2.) Versus Dave Blaney and Regan Smith

What the hell happened: Somehow heavy racing into a turn equals divebombing the car in front of you in the Life of Brian. Again, Vickers was facing the wrong way at Martinsville, this time getting himself tied up with two other cars and not just one.

1.) Versus Matt Kenseth Part 2: The Reckoning

What the hell happened: Vickers wasn't about to take Kenseth's previous indiscretion slide. When Kenseth was just coming out of the pits from a repair, Vickers straight zeroed in on the poor bastard and took his own damn self out of the race. And so the cruel charade came to a close.


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I say the Montoya one should be removed....I'd venture to say that it would be easier to count the drivers who haven't had any problems with Montoya than list the ones who've had issues....


What happened, I blacked out?