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Watch Allan McNish destroy his Audi R18 in horrific crash

The first major accident of the day with the #3 Audi R18 of Allan McNish crashing into the #58 Ferrari 458 Italia in ridiculous fashion. McNish went in too fast, smashed the Ferrari, and went tumbling into the tire wall. Everyone's ok but, warning, it's horrific.


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Victorious Secret

For those that do not know this is typical McNish - they put him out first because compared to the other 2 on his team he attacks so damn aggressively and tries to put as much distance between himself and the pack as possible; I think in 2008 they commented how he was 2 some seconds a lap faster then the other Audis only because he was doing shit the other drivers wouldn't dare try.

That said glad he's okay and knowing Audi this will be back ASAP.

I take that back that Audi might not be back after all; that was some serious stuff.

I blame the Ferrari, it looked like the Audi was on the proper line diving into the turn and the Ferrari decided to CHALLENGE a LMP1.... Come on when you see bright whites in the mirror just get the fuck outta the way.