Watch A YouTuber Make A Simple Amphibious Car

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Screenshot: PeterSripol
BoatlopnikBecause boats are cars too

Whomst amongst us has not heard the call of the open ocean, yearned to feel the kiss of salt spray on our cheeks, the feeling of cool water pooling around your ankles as you listen for your motor to suck in a big gulp of water? You could do what everyone does and just buy an Amphicar. Or, you could do like Peter Sripol did, and cut up an old jonboat so you can stick go-Kart stuff in there.

The result, after some futzing/iterating is a handsome little machine with bug-eyes and a little smile. Best of all, it seems to meet the “bad as boat, terrible as a car” design brief that has underpinned every amphibious vehicle in history.

Jalopnik EIC '48 Willys CJ-2A, '84 Porsche 911, '15 VW GTI, '07 Lexus GX 470.


I get the appeal, but some things just shouldn’t cross breed. I mean, no one is trying to cross breed a crocodile and a poodle. Just like the flying car, two totally different specialties should be kept specialized. You sacrifice everything that is good about the former and just hang on to just the bare essentials to just “make it work”. You don’t see any boat-trains, plane-submarines, or pigs blood-ice cream (I hope Even cars, trucks for hauling, two door-center-seating-sports cars for “sporting”, SUVs for everything else...hehe. This whole cross breeding experiments only have a home for special needs:

Unless you need to land a platoon of marines to assault a beach and kill the bad guys, let’s get a car and tow a boat with it :)

Peter, you get an A for effort. Now go make one of these and come