We all have that friend who is into boring stuff like bird watching or stamps. Usually you want to run screaming into traffic when they say “hey let me show you something,” but don’t. They may show you something like what this hardcore train enthusiast managed to film—a guilt-free video of a CSX train ramming into the side of a 18-wheeler.


The YouTube account East Alabama Rail Productions posted this thrilling hi-def video of a train crash on April 1. If it was an April Fool’s Day prank, it’s a damn good one.

The fact that this seems to be this user’s main passion explains why this crash was caught in Mexican soap opera quality. This video was shot in Austell, Georgia, after a long day of ‘railfanning’ (which refers to fan boys and girls of trains. This person seriously loves trains.) Apparently, the truck was stuck on the tracks when the NS 975 Safety Train came barreling into the side of it.


A witness told ABC News this isn’t the first big rig to become stuck on these tracks, but this is definitely the most entertaining footage of a crash at this intersection. An employee aboard the train was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, but it looks like everyone else involved made it out okay.

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