Watch A Tesla Model S Overtake A Corvette On A Race Track

Now, we all know that the Tesla Model S is stylish. And quick. And luxurious. And safe. But the electric sedan has no business being at a race track, right? You should ask this Corvette owner that same question.

This video comes to us from a recent Hooked on Driving track day at Atlanta Motorsports Park, and it shows a 85kWh Model S taking down some of the typical track day suspects with relative ease.


First to go is that blue R32. Then there's the white C6 Corvette, whose driver dutifully waves the Model S forward. Then there's the Cobra, and then another Cobra. He even runs pretty close to that yellow race-prepped Corvette for a bit.

All in all, it's a pretty fantastic showing for Elon Musk's baby. Is there anything this car can't do?

Hat tip to Sean!

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What a great track I didnt know about. Girlfriend is pushing to move to Atlanta as some point. With this and Road Atlanta just an hour away. Count me in.