Watch A Smart Car Lead Texas Police On The World's Most Adorable Police Chase

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Houston area police were involved in the cutest police chase ever this morning when a Smart Convertible led cops around the highways outside the city.



The Smart has a top speed of 90 MPH, so we aren't yet ready to call this a high speed chase. The driver was arrested without any issues after he pulled off the highway and into a driveway. There's no word on what he did wrong, other than drive a Smart Cabriolet in public. While not confirmed, we're hearing it was towed away from the scene by a local child with a big wheel.


UPDATE: We have video. Sound isn't good, so play this in the background. Enjoy folks!

Photo Credit: click2houston

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He really failed to take advantage of his vehicle's strengths in maneuverability through small alleyways and grocery store aisles. You don't pit a club car against a patrol cruiser on the highway; that's just lunacy.