Watch A Screaming Electric Tesla Model S Dyno Run

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We've already shown you that a Tesla Model S will smoke the new BMW M5 in a drag race, and that's no small feat. It should also come as no surprise. Say what you want about Tesla or their long-term viability as a company, there's no question that their cars are fast.

Tesla says that with the top 85 kWh battery pack, the Model S has 416 horsepower. But how much power is it really putting down? Some folks in Texas strapped one to a DynoJet to try and find out.


After a screamingly loud dyno pull that sounds like nothing you've ever heard before, they found that the Model S has an impressive 386 horsepower at the wheels. Drag Times says peak power came in around 55 mph, and the curve began to decline as the car approached its 130 mph top speed. Unfortunately, torque numbers aren't available for some unknown reason, and I'd be very curious to see what they are.

One interesting tidbit: "The driver noted all sorts of error lights on the Tesla while on the dyno so it might have been pulling some power back," they said. Wonder what happened there?


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