Watch A Scary Counterfeit Chinese Airbag Blow Up In Someone's Face

If you survive the fiery window switches of doom you're only buying time until you crash and a counterfeit Chinese airbag doesn't explode, thus ending your life prematurely. Or worse, rather than not exploding, it blows up in your face like in the video above.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 0.1% of the U.S. fleet might be affected, but that's still tens of thousands of cars. The airbags look like manufacturer-endorsed models, but a Chinese businessman admitted he imported fake airbags that may not work.


If you've had the airbag in your vehicle replaced in the last three years and it's one of the vehicles on this giant list you may be at risk. The link also has a full list of steps for what to do if you fall under those conditions, besides PANIC!

It's difficult for anyone but a trained professional to tell the difference, but one sign might be the backwards L in the Louis Vuitton logo.

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