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Watch A Reporter Lose His Damn Mind Around Ferraris, Benzes And Lambos

I know our Raphael Orlove loves cars. I know they affect him in ways even I sometimes struggle to understand. So when I sent him to The Quail – a place where you’ll see four Ferrari F50s just hanging out – I knew he’d react. I just didn’t expect this to happen.


At the very least, we had a stabilized camera rig so that we could see his mental breakdown in beautiful and smooth high definition.

Also, where’d he get that other hat?


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Michael Ballaban

For those ready to accuse Raphael of acting:

I can personally testify that he did, indeed, have his mind completely blown. Raphael and our video extraordinaire Michael Roselli were supposed to meet me immediately after to shoot a video with a Tesla Model S P90D (coming soon!). After first saying they would show up early, they showed up late, and Raph just kept muttering gibberish about “too many cars.”

And it wasn’t his regular gibberish, either.

The people at Tesla were pretty nice about the whole thing though, and I still got to make Raph mad by putting his seat heater on as I’d been continuously doing the entire week.