Watch A Rally Driver Nearly Take Out Spectators And Down A Telephone Pole In An Epic Crash

There's driving off road, and then there's driving off road. Petter Solberg did the latter at Rally France on Saturday when he pulled off one of the more spectacular crashes we've seen in a long time.

Check out the video, which comes to us from the UK's Telegraph. Solberg's Ford Fiesta left the roadway during the race, plowed through a vineyard, cut across the road again, then slammed into a telephone pole, which then fell down and nearly took out some spectators.

Our friends at Autoweek report that Solberg and his navigator were not injured in the crash, which they had to bow out of.

"I knew the road was going up on the right again but there were leaves on the windscreen and I couldn't see… It was a big hit and we broke a steering arm," said the 37-year-old Norwegian, who had been fourth at the time.

That shit cray.

H/T My Life @ Speed


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