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Watch a race car driver lose a tire, pick up the tire, stick the tire in his car, and win the race

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Porsche GT3 Cup driver Jeroen Bleekemolen did something stupid while qualifying for this weekend's Baltimore Grand Prix: he drove himself off the track into a narrow run-off zone and lost a tire. Then he did something brilliant: he got out of the car and put the tire in his passenger seat. What?

Bleekemolen races in the GTC class and was quickly making his way around the Baltimore street course when a mistake sent him into a run-off zone. Rather than back up he tried to drive through a pair of tire-wall chicanes too narrow to fit his wide Porsche. Oops. When he finally emerged from the chicanes he realized he was missing one of his wheels.


No worries. He just jogged back, picked it up, and chunked it in the passenger's seat like it was a bag of oranges picked up from the grocery store and in doing so secured his victory.

Despite his bad luck, Bleekemolen was clear-headed enough to remember you're forced to the back of the pack when the race starts if you don't qualify on the same tires you start with. By picking up the tire and reattaching he assured himself a pole position in his class and, ultimately, a win in the race.


You're so clutch, Bleekemolen.

(Hat tip to porsche9146!)