You know how most people will just honk their horns or shake their fists when they get cut off on the highway and then forget about it? This Toyota Camry driver isn't most people. A dash cam video captured his insane acts of road rage on a California highway.

The incident was filmed by a Mini Cooper driver who was traveling on Interstate 880 in the Bay Area on Saturday. The first part shows that the Mini passed the Camry on the right, but then had to dodge the sedan when it changed lanes unexpectedly.

At some point the Mini gets over into the far left lane, and that's when the Camry pulls up in front of him and brake checks him. When the Mini changes lanes to get away, the Camry does it again โ€” and then again later, when the Mini gets over to the far right.

And when the Mini passes him and gets over to the far left lane, the Camry follows him yet again and swerves into his lane. Eventually, he just gives up and speeds off.


The whole thing is pretty scary to watch. To his credit, the Mini driver does a good job of trying to avoid the guy, and while the safe thing to do would have been to simply exit the highway, it doesn't look like he had many opportunities to do that. Plus, he didn't know if the Camry driver would follow him.

No word yet on whether the Mini driver turned this video over to the cops or not, but that's what I'd do. The Camry driver is clearly an overly-aggressive asshole who shouldn't be on the road at all.


This is just proof that asshole drivers come in all shapes, sizes and colors โ€” even beige. Stay safe out there people.

Hat tip to Nate and McMike in Oppo-town!