Photo: Anthony Purcell of Halcyon Photo

Looks like the New York Auto Show is going out with a literal bang, because holy crap, a Porsche 993 just exploded in the Javits Center.

We don’t have much info on the Porsche conflagration, but egmcartech talked to photographer Anthony Purcell (who has a photo on their site) and he said: “No idea what happened, heard the car being moved and out of nowhere a super loud bang and lawd (sic) Jesus it’s a fire.”


Vlad Shurigin was also there, and captured the video below. Behold the fireball that once was a Porsche 993:

Egmcartech says there have been no injuries, and that the section has been closed off. That’s probably a good thing, because that’s a scary-looking flame.

A Porsche bites the dust. It’s a sad day.

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