Watch a police officer stop this plane with his car

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John McLane's got nothing on this real Brazilian Federal Police Officer, who use his cop car to take down a plane loaded with smugglers and $150,000 of stolen electronics.

Smugglers have been flying into Paraguay, snagging stolen electronics (and a bicycle), and then flying them back to Brazil using this plane and runway. Someone tipped off the Feds in Ribeiráo Preto, Brazil who descended on the criminals with what looks like a lowly Chevy Trailblazer.

After smashing into the plane with the front of the car they were able to take down the aircraft, seize the goods, and arrest five individuals. It's a huge blow to organized crime in Brazil as it's suspected the aircraft was also being used for drug smuggling.


The cost to replace the windshield? About $300.

(Hat tip to Diego!)