Watch A Pickup Truck Full Of Propane Roasting In A McDonalds Drive-thru

Static electricity and several propane tanks combined this past week with fiery results at a McDonalds drive-thru in Coachella, Ca. According to the driver of the truck was in the process of investigating a hissing sound when a propane tank in the truck exploded in flames.

All it took was moving one of the propane tanks to cause an explosion which triggered the massive blaze seen here. As local police explained the blast "caused the roof of the truck to buckle and the tailgate to blow off, striking a vehicle behind it." The combination of the propane tank sitting in the 100 degree weather last Saturday and static electricity are believed to be at the root of the fire.


While the driver was treated for second degree burns, he and his family members who were in the truck were lucky enough to escape without any serious injury. From the looks of this video—especially the fireball towards the end—we're guessing they won't be transporting propane tanks in the hot California sun or visiting a drive-thru again anytime soon.

Hat tip to $kaycog!

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