Watch A Nissan GT-R Slide Sideways At 233 MPH

The tuning shop AMS Performance took their 1,250 wheel horsepower "Alpha Omega" GT-R to the Texas Mile to break the top speed record for GT-Rs. That's when their car tried to murder their driver.


Up until last weekend, the top speed record for a GT-R was 218 miles per hour. According to AMS, their GT-R passed the mile marker at 233.1 mph. As the driver opened the parachute, the car hit a dip in the runway and went a full 90 degrees sideways.

Watching the driver reel in the slide makes it look like we have a second contender for the best save of the year.

(Hat tip to Bucc-i Civic Type R is RIP!)


Center of Aero drag is in the front of the car, not the back... and the chute is mounted low...

So the chute open and pulls upwards on the car, pulling weight off of the rear tires. small dip puts rear tires in the air, and the chute exaggerates this and lifts the whole rear of the car.

As the center of drag is in the front , the rear wants to rotate around. ( see rx7 spin in Bonneville)

Fix.. add lip spoiler in the rear, and mount the chute higher on the car, so that less upward force is exerted on chute open.

Nice save though!