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Watch A Nine-Year-Old Kid Learn How To Do Sick Ass Donuts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There comes a time in every young car person’s life that they have to learn a few important life skills in order to be fulfilled, happy, and healthy. In this case I’m talking about the ability to clutch dump, rip a hydraulic handbrake, and properly steer through a donut. Or rather a series of donuts that lasts nearly a minute. Oh, and by the way, that time is when you’re nine years old.

When I was nine, I had barely mastered the art of riding a bicycle, let alone even thought about driving a car. Ruslan Yankilevich, however, is already racing UTVs in off road environments. He dropped by the Hoonigan garage to see if he could take his Polaris RZR 570 off the “double stack” jump in the yard. Spoiler alert: He can.


While he was there, the Hoonigans put Ruslan in their endearingly termed “Shart Kart”, a Mazda MX-5 with all of the bodywork taken off. The kid had never driven anything with a stick shift and clutch combo, so they wanted to see how quickly he could pick up the talent.

As it turns out, very quickly. Within minutes he was ripping donuts with the best of them.