Watch A NASCAR Race Car Get All Dressed Up For The Big Race

Ever wondered how all the spiffy graphics get onto a race car? The ones that tell you exactly who's funding this party? Here you go. This is how Carl Edwards' number 19 Joe Gibbs Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup car goes from a naked metal tub to a bright blue and white race car.


This video also gives us an amusing view of which parts on a NASCAR race car are kludged back together under the wrap, which parts are gorgeous carbon fiber (that hood!), and all the detail that goes into a wrap job.

Graphics get printed on a big vinyl sheet, which is then laid out and molded to the contours of the car. If you ever thought getting a single decal on with no bubbles or lumps was annoying, try doing the entire side of a car. A flat edge helps the crew smooth out the vinyl as it gets stuck to the side of the car, and then X-ACTO knives come out to trim out the details.


Dryers can help get bubbles out, as can pins to poke holes in them, but it looks like these guys have the wrapping process down well enough not to need those two tricks very much.

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I wonder how long ago they switched from paint to wraps?