Drag racin' your buddy on an empty two-lane highway "in Mexico": sometimes it's awesome, and sometimes it ends poorly. The latter is what happened in this Mustang-Porsche duel, captured on video for our endless amusement.

What we have here, according to CarScoops, is a face-off between a heavily modified Mustang GT California Special and a Porsche 997. They say it was "digitally created" on a "closed course" in "Mexico" for legal reasons, but yeah, I think we can figure out how this went down. The road signs in English are a dead giveaway.


During the race the Mustang driver briefly loses control and gives his buddy a little love tap, leading the camera car to make clever remarks like "I knew that was going to happen" and "He (bleep) can't drive, dude." It seems that the 'Stang's front tire blew apart somehow during the race, so it may not be his fault exactly.

Luckily, damage was minimal. The Mustang needed a new tire and the Porsche's wheel needed a repaint, but otherwise, everything's cool.

Shit happens when you drag race "in Mexico," man.

Update: Within minutes of us posting this, the original video was taken down. I found another copy. Let's hope it stays up.


Update 2: It did not stay up. Oh well.

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