Watch A Mustang Driver Get Arrested Mid-Burnout

A Mustang driver at a parking lot car show in suburban Houston, Texas was arrested last night after pulling this massive burnout right in front of a police car. The man was handcuffed essentially mid-burnout, causing a "near riot" as the crowd turned on the officers.


The event happened in parking lot in Katy, a typical suburb far west of town. The crowd had traveled there after the TX2K12 event at Lonestar Motorsports Park earlier that afternoon.

A few people were doing minor tire-shreds as they left the scene, but something compelled a Mustang driver to let out a giant F-U burnout while in a line of cars that included a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy. What happened next was predictable, as the officers yanked the guy out of his 'Stang.

Other videos from the event show the crowd suddenly turn on the officers, with various people changing "bullshit" and a few tossing trash at the squad car. A few even suggest tipping it. You can see it get serious right here before backup arrives.

The local news called it a near riot, though the crowd doesn't seem willing to go to jail or cause a fight over a guy who many others in the crowd appropriately dismiss as a "moron."

Eventually, the crowd dispersed without incident.

Our favorite guy is the one yelling "Fuck you America" as if doing a burnout in front of the cops wouldn't obviously result in this happening. That's totally America. Also America is the guy at the end of the video bragging about putting the video on YouTube.


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While I think burnouts are stupid, it's hardly worth arresting someone over. At most, the person doing a burnout should get a warning first... and then a ticket after.

If the police have the time and resources to arrest people for something as minor as burnouts, then it's time to start cutting some police budgets... but that assumes that the police are going after this minor shit because they have solved all the more serious crimes (murder, assaults, thefts, fraud, etc).

Now if there are other serious crimes outstanding - and I bet there is - then it's time to have a serious discussion with the police chief about reallocating some resource and making some adjustments to their objectives... or they will have their goddamn budget cut.